Lord Jack Wellington

Male Quick-Witted Theif


Standing slightly above average in height, this fairly chiseled male human, can scarcely be seen without a smile, grin, or smirk on his face. His shoulder-length black hair, closely trimmed beard, and immaculate clothing are always all kept to a high and tidy standard. Overall, Jack’s rugged good looks and charming disposition seem to make him instantly amenable to those he comes across the path of.


Lord Jack Wellington, seems to be a man born under a lucky star in many ways. With the appearance, rugged good looks, and charm of a high-society gentleman, Lord Wellington seems to easily find his way into any crowd, and often finds himself the life of the party. Many tales of Lord Wellington have been told, including that of his best friend (a dragon), his castle to the north, and his heritage of the Wellington family name. One such story recounts how Lord Wellington found himself “inappropriately” courting another lord’s daughter, a situation where he was forced to flee wearing nothing but his hat. In fact, of the many tales told of Lord Wellington, it is almost assured that they cannot all be true… but then again, who is to say his life was not already so adventurous?

One thing is for certain, Lord Wellington seems to be a charming, smooth talker, but always leaves a party with a heavier coat. Though he often tries to keep his kleptomania to a minimum, there truly must be some sort of payment for the lifestyle he enjoys. Despite this fact, it seems that he will never be at a lack of company, as his tales, his generosity, and even his uncanny luck, often find their way to those around him.

Not much is actually known of Lord Wellington’s past, and if you were to believe his word, you would have to reconcile the discrepancies that come with the recounting. Surely a man of Lordship would have a definitive history…. right?

Lord Jack Wellington

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