Luna stands just under four feet and is of slender built with soft sparkling green eyes and slightly tapered ears that have often led many to believe she has elven blood in her veins. She is often clad in soft leathers of various greens and browns her dirty brown/blonde hair is kept in a pony tail and her skin always has softness to it that many women envy.


Luna is a ranger who lives in the area and never stays in one place for very long, she is filled with a wanderlust that drives her to keep moving from place to place. Those few who have met her think she is elf or has elf blood in her but they couldn’t be further from the truth for she actually a Jann. She has lived in the region for at least two centuries and has come to know many of its regions like the back of her own hand, even she is not sure when she found herself protecting the regions natural beauty. Many mistake her desire to be alone as a dislike of other people, which is not entirely correct she is mostly indifferent to many of them as they she finds them annoying to be around. There are few exceptions to this rule Lyree and Gayleen being some of them. She took a strong liking to the young fiery wizard and her drive to learn all she could, where she found she could understand the deep loss that plagued Gayleen. In fact it was her that found the three Gayleen alone on the slopes of the mountain where they battled the great dragon. He had ordered the others to leave him and get to town and help in truth he simply wanted to die where he was. She found him and tended his wounds as best she could and kept him alive till he was rescued, for that simple fact he never forgave her but he understood why she saved him. The few times she finds herself in any of the towns is often when she is visiting him in wood shop or she is calling upon Lyree at the tower


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