The King in Copper


The stories of the King are always the same, they tell of s tall skeleton whose ancient bones are covered in copper plating that has been bolted into the bone itself. The copper has all been engrave with tiny magical runes and words of power. The figure itself is often clad in the moldering remains of once proud king and he always wields his old scepter of ruler-ship.


The story of the King in Copper is as old Varisia is itself for the old stories say the King was once the ruler of this land long ago in the time of the Thassilon Empire. The story tells of how the King was a capricious and cruel man lording it over his people and servants and that he enslaved thousands to his evil will. Then one day the people rose up to over throw the mad king, the that ensued lasted for weeks and in the end the king was defeated. Bowed and broken before his own throne he swore that he would still claim ruler-ship over all in his land, maybe not while they lived but in death all would be his subjects. Then he simply vanished into the wilderness. Since this stories have abounded of a undead creature whose bones are covered in copper appearing when ever someone would attempt to rob a crypt or break own a barrow. The figure it was said would whisk away the invaders and punish them. The stories over the years began to apply to anyone who simply ended up vanishing in the wilderness or at night and it has become favorite saying of mothers to unruly children “Be good else the King in Copper will come and claim you in the night.”

The King in Copper

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