Rock Dale

This is the one area within the area where some humanoid menace is known to exist. The rock dale has sides which descend almost sheer for 100 to 180 feet, varying from place to place. In a handful of locations, it is possible to clamber down a rock escarpment,though this is hazardous. Scrub trees and bushes grow on the cliff faces and in the base of the dale itself. Orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins have all been reported here from time to time.

There are many caves in the dale, and around a third of the dale floor is covered with shallow pools, though the area so covered and the depth of the water varies with the seasons. The humanoids fight and squabble among themselves, and the orcs and hobgoblins in particular are deadly enemies. The last time any of them made any significant incursions into area was seven years ago, and Lord Ankley made sure there was a militia waiting for them. Seventeen humans were lost, but over 50 hobgoblins were killed, and they have shown no appetite for the fray since.

Places of Interest

The Rosestone

Rock Dale

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