Aknot Wat


Aknot is somewhat large for an Oaf, standing Six feet ten inches tall, and weighing in at 375 pounds. He is a tremendously intimidating figure if you meet him in the street. Until you speak with him…then you learn how gentle and kind he truly is. Aknot is a very trusting individual who likes to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

That is until you make the mistake of attacking Aknot. In battle he is a ferocious combatant, and many have fallen to his blade. In fact, there is even tell that he felled a giant once, after hurling only a small stone at it’s head.



Me Aknot. Momma sended me away when I was young, ‘cause I dint get along well with the other children. But don’t worry, momma teached me all kinds of good things before she sent me away.

Um…I’m strong

I can hurt things real gud, but sometimes I feel bad about it

Do I really hafta do this? Oh….Ok.

Um…did I mention me strong?


Um…me kilt a giant once. With a rock.


Really? We can be dun now? Yay!

Aknot Wat

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