Count Lothar Ankley


Having seen nearly 70 winters Lothar still looks like a man in the mid years of his life, though his has gone a bit soft in the belly his arms are still well muscled and he is still very broad in teh chest. Just a few gray hairs have started to show in his wooley-brown hair and his full smile never falters when greeting people.


A retired paladin of Abadar, Lothar Ankely as his father before him now resides in Palfray’s Keep. The Ankely’s family has resided in the area for close to two hundred years and the local cities and hamlets look upon them as their rulers and caretakers. Though never officially invested as such the family has taken ruler-ship to heart.

Lothar has ruled the land with a fair and even hand and for the most part leaves his people to do as they wish as long as it does not break the few laws he has laid down. Trouble has rarely found its way to him for there has been little for evil to gain in his lands. The greatest danger they ever faced was from Lanathor a very old fiendiest red dragon who laired in the nearby mountains. The creature had been in a deep sleep lasting centuries so no one knew it was near when they settled the lands. Waking up the creature made demands of sacrifice which Lothar was unwilling to meet. He hired a band of well known adventures to deal with the creature and where they returned defeated Lanathor was not heard from since so he considered their mission a great success. He was even happier when some of them chose to settle in his lands.

Count Lothar Ankley

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