Gayleen Delarin


Gaylenn no longer adventures, since he is badly lame and in damp weather suffers from arthritis in the joints of his legs and hands. At 51, he is hardly in the first flush of youth. He is still handsome, though, with a mop of thick black hair and lean 6’ frame. He has two huge retriever-like hunting hounds who accompany him most places.


Gayleen once lead the band of adventures known as the Company of the Holy Spear. The group traveled across the face of the world finding adventures just about everywhere they went. Their careers came to a crashing end when they were hired by Count Ankley to end the menace of Lanathor a fiendish Red Dragon of great age and size. Challenging the creature in its mountain a lair a titanic battle ensued and of the eighteen adventures that entered only a small handful left the cave. Gayleen suffered a grievous wound to his right leg that never healed properly and left him with a bad limp thus ending his traveling life. The greater wound was the lost of wife Tilliana who died saving his life in that fight. Those that survived the battle drifted away and he retired to the small town of Turtleback Ferry where he became the local law and carpenter.

Gayleen Delarin

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