Hiran Lildelson


Hiran is a tall (6’4”), relatively young man (28), and is a strongly built man how has maintenance his body through chopping firewood and tending his farm. he is always friendly and greats strangers with a bone-crushing handshake and a friendly, open manner.

Ranger scout

Hiran was once a member of the Company of The Holy Spear and good friend with its leader. The two competed in all things even for the love of the beautiful elven woman Tilliana which Gayleen succeeded in and ended up marrying her. The three remained close up till her death in the groups battle with a red dragon. Kiran had tried to persuade his old friend from taking on the creature but was overruled, after the survivors crawled back to Turtleback Ferry to lick their wounds. The two fell into a screaming match over who was right and how was wrong. Things were said that could not be taken back and Kiran stormed off never saying a word to his old friend again. He ended up settling into a small farmstead of his own which he built with his own hands on the banks of the river. He has lived there with his farm hand Gren and a collection of orphaned children.

Hiran Lildelson

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