Pennigis looks like has seen 74 years or more. He is 5’ 3” and very conscious of his lack of height. He is thin, but paunchy, and has little of his sandy-colored hair left. His light blue eyes are rather watery and tend to wander when talking. He is sociable with people he trusts but distinctly suspicious of anyone he doesn’t, and he is never entirely comfortable with intelligent company.


If cantankerous could have an image it would be that of Pennigis. He settled in the valley long before it was given to Lord Ankley and was rather upset when the man moved there. Thus he does not consider the man his lord but rather an annoying neighbor best ignored at worst. He did have to admit the addition of the small town of Thurmaster had it advantages such as increased trade which made getting magical goods much easier for him. Thought is loathe to admit it most and likes to complain about the noise. Some years later he took on the young girl Lyree as a student in the arcane arts.


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