Social Chaos Rules

In order to get through the City of Glass the players must cause 100 points of Social Chaos. If they don’t and slip through the city will have time to warn the Sovereignty that invaders are on the way.

Social Chaos Tracking

Actions which earn SC

Destroying the rebuilt front gates : 4 SCs

Killing 50% or more of the city’s Derro: 4 SCs.

Killing 80% or more of the city’s Derro: 4 additional SCs (cumulative with the preceding).

Freeing slaves: 1 SC per 10 slaves freed.

Freeing the charmed stone giants: 1 SC per giant freed.

Polluting the Resting Pool: 10 SCs, but the priests will re-purify it within 12 hours. The SC award will be lost unless the pool is re-polluted or somehow rendered unusable.

Polluting or destroying the Farm Pools: 4 SCs per pool so rendered useless. Pollution alone will be corrected by the kuo-toan priests with spells inside 12 hours. The SC award is lost unless the plant and animal food supply in the pool is destroyed.

For every Monitor slain: 2 SCs.

For every illithid slain: 4 SCs.

For slaying Zanticor: 5 additional SCs.

For slaying Ilsenzenden: 5 additional SCs.

For each demented kuo-toan freed from the asylum: 3 SCS.

For each Ixzan spellcaster or mutant slain: 1 SC.

For each of the 3 Dukes slain of the : 8 SCs. (mandatory goal)

Slaying the Priest-King: 20 SCs. (mandatory goal)

For each priest of 7th or greater level slain: 1 SC

For destroying the statue of Lamashtu in the Dome of the Glass Pool: 10 SCs. (mandatory goal)
Capturing the Crown of Derro Domination: 2 SCs.

Using the Crown to turn Derro against the kuo-toa: 2 SCs for every five Derro so affected.

Bringing renegade Derro into the city to fight the kuo-toa: 2 SCs if 10 or fewer Derro are so brought, 4 SCs if their number is 11+.

Destroying the fingerlings in the Fingerling Pool, polluting this pool, etc.: 4 SCs. Note that these are noncombatant children and that the DM may impose XP penalties on characters of good alignment for this action.

Vandalizing, destroying, or otherwise rendering useless the Halls of Hatred (area 15): 4 SCs.
Destroying the statue of Lamashtu at the Pools of Sacrifice: 3 SCs
Mile Stones

A total of 100+ SCs is needed to precipitate the disintegration of the kuo-toan citadel.

Achieving SC totals of 50 and above also benefit the player characters, as follows:

SCS total Effect
50 Ordinary kuo-toa suffer -1 penalties to attack and damage rolls.

60 All non-kuo-toans toa suffer -1 penalties to attack and damage rolls.

70 Kuo-toan priests of are unable to cast spells, as Lamashtu shows her disfavor. And PC’s gain arcane resistance 3 vs any magic they use from items. This effect lasts for one week after SCP total reaches 70.

80 10% of any remaining ordinary kuo-toa develop insanity. They kill off a further 10% of any remaining ordinary kuo-toa and then become incapable of further combat, lying comatose and helpless. There is a 5% chance for any major kuo-toa (other than the Priest-King or Dukes) that they, too, become insane and non¬combatant.

90 Lamashtu shows great disfavor. She withdraws all of her magic from the city plunging it into Chaos, any charmed creatures are freed. There is 50% chance that any remaining Kuo-toan’s go insane and any remaining Mind Flayers flee the city.

100 Collapse of society, provided that the PCs have also achieved the three mandatory goals (otherwise, social coherence can still just be maintained). Even if the all the mandatory goals are not met the PC’s can still make their way to the Sunless Sea. Traveling back through the City of Glass may will cause encounters as they rebuild and warning will be sent to the Sovereignty D6 days after the PC’s make it through the city.

Social Chaos Rules

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