Tuala has an extraordinary appearance. Somewhere under the dirt there’s a remarkably pretty
young woman (age 21), but it’s hard to tell, as her hair is long, unkempt and her clothing little
more than rags. She is 5’ 5", lightly built, with dark eyes and auburn hair. She speaks Common haltingly, with an unplaceable dialect which makes it difficult to understand her. Accompanying her are Belshar and Arlin, two very large and very deadly vipers, who stay by her side.

Dika wolf   lorna

Tuala is a quiet woman who gave up on civilized people long ago, she had enough of their inspitant and backbiting ways and retreated to the forest. At least there things were simpler and animals would not lie to your face. Not much is known about her other then she is seldom seen and when she is it is because she wants to be seen. This is often to warn hunters or loggers they are need to cease or better manage their actions.


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